Jack B. - Join your Service Yesterday nice Hit on Middle Tennesse Under. I will Definitely next Season.

Leo Massachusetts - Easy Money on Last Night's Total thank for the Tip

John Carlo, Scottsdale,AZ - I was in Vegas last night and I got your email and Man was I Happy I Purchased it. Won $1000 Bro.

Donny - Takes for the Tip today. I Needed that Bail out

Brian Thompson Texas - Make sure this Makes it up on the Testimony Wall. Man I am So Hyped we Cashed in 7 Straight Totals. You Took me out of a $3500 Hole. I'm a True Believer in your Service. I'm Passing this along to all my Friends. Thank's again

Nick from Palm Beach - Nice work last night

Joseph W. Long Island City, NY - LT/UAB OVER Bang your on Fire. I Love your Service.

Sean - You Pulled Through with today's Southern Mississippi/North Texas Under. Good Call